Anónimo: I recently stumbled across your blog and can I just say what a relief it is to have something describe something I enjoy? 'Cause my family and friends are always just like "That's weird why do you have a skull/tail/etc? That's just creepy are you turning into a serial killer on us lolol" and I try to explain that I think these things are really interesting and like collecting them but they don't get it. So yeah, thanks. ;A;


Don’t worry anon - a lot of people joke about serial killers when it comes to having an interest in animal remains (I think because they equate it with an interest in death and causing it?). Don’t let their comments get to you :) And maybe they’ll eventually understand why you find it interesting

  • 5 Yrs Old: "Mommy, I Love You".
  • 10 Yrs Old: "Mom Whatever".
  • 16 Yrs Old: "OMG My Mom Is So Annoying".
  • 18 Yrs Old: "I Wanna Leave This House".
  • 25 Yrs Old: "Mom You Were Right".
  • 30 Yrs Old: "I Wanna Go Back To My Mom's House."
  • 50 Yrs Old: "I Dont Wanna Lose My Mom"
  • 70 Yrs Old: "I Would Give Up EVERYTHN For My Mom To Be Here With Me".